Slumber is a Journey to the Eternal Return

All pieces in my graduation series "Chronicle of the Woods" are based on the photos I took in Richmond Park. After the tutorial with Matthew Krishanu, he told me that if I want to make big works, I should do the testing on big canvas directly instead of doing it on small pieces. I think I… Continue reading Slumber is a Journey to the Eternal Return

Remake of Metamorphosis

This re-creation of "Metamorphosis" is one of the final piece of my degree show. I found it's interesting to compare the size and materials of two piece together. "Metamorphosis" combines of accidents. I know I can't recreate. Instead I see this as another edition of the original one.  

Study of Graham Sutherland

Graham Sutherland's work on nature is my main reference and inspiration of my paintings. In David Mellor's "The Damned", he described Sutherland's work, "...while roots and branches suggest tangled arms and legs. At times his views open up and close like a human body." In "Sutherland's Metamorphosis", Alexandra Harris said '..Sutherland deals in anthropomorphism, making… Continue reading Study of Graham Sutherland