Gender Construct and Creation Myth (with video)

I am currently working on a public program with Para Site. It is one of the video highlight tours of the current exhibition Garden of Six Seasons. Below is my original script writing and the video(updated 29/8), talking about Citra Sasmita's Work 'The Habor of Restless Spirits' in terms of mythology, narratives of history and… Continue reading Gender Construct and Creation Myth (with video)

Dear D: The Evolution of Love Letters

(The Chinese version was published on Stand News In the book Love Letters: 2000 Years of Romance, Andrea Clarke suggested “Love letters are an expression of intimacy; their words allow us insight into the private relationships of people down the ages.” Here I am, looking at the private thoughts of an anonymous admirer on… Continue reading Dear D: The Evolution of Love Letters

[Reading Group] A Lively Death

‘A Lively Death’: Contemporary Artistic Conversations with the Still Life Tradition by Isabel Seligman This article mentioned a vegetable-hybrid painting by Glenn Brown, this raised my interest as vegetable-hybrid is the subject matter of my work. In the earlier part of the article, it talks about how still life evolved from the landscape painting. The… Continue reading [Reading Group] A Lively Death

[Reading Group] The Greenhouse Effect, Ralph Rugoff

What I learnt from this essay is the fiction narrate and invention of nature. It talks about "nature" is a cultural invention, it confused us between nature and artifice. This strengthen my knowledge with the stand of Susan Stewart's invention of narrative and Mark Dion's invention of nature. The most interesting part is that in the… Continue reading [Reading Group] The Greenhouse Effect, Ralph Rugoff

British Museum Study Room and the Grant Museum of Zoology

We visited the British Museum Prints and Drawings study room. It was an excited experience to see the real drawing and sketch of the old masters. It was ashamed we only have around an hour to do sketching. After lunch I went to the Grant Museum of Zoology. It was a small museum with many… Continue reading British Museum Study Room and the Grant Museum of Zoology

Oxford School Trip

During the trip, we visited different museum including Museum of Science History, Museum of Natural History and Pitt Rivers Museum. All these museums exhibit a lot of objects and specimen. This makes me feel more interested in exploring the relationship between an object, collection and museum. The most interesting museum is Pitt Rivers Museum, it collected… Continue reading Oxford School Trip

Mark Dion: Theatre of the Natural World

I went to see Mark Dion's "Theatre of the Natural World" in White Chapel Gallery right after I visited Freud Museum. His works are always related to archaeology, ecology and detection. My first impression to his installation work reminds me the collections of historical antiques I've seen in the study room of Freud Museum. Dion is… Continue reading Mark Dion: Theatre of the Natural World

[Lecture] Anna Bunting-Branch,”See Through Paint”

Anna showed me the possibility of bringing  painting and moving image together. She said she explored painting objects as props through making different parts for the movement of the object image. She thought animation is an alternative reality in digital world. Her works involved many science fiction references and fan-art. I think this could be… Continue reading [Lecture] Anna Bunting-Branch,”See Through Paint”

Damien Meade​’s Show in Peter von Kant Gallery

When visiting Damien Meade’s show, Meade talked about the problem of when to stop the painting. He left the strokes in painting for its ambiguity. He thought this would leave enough room for audience’s imagination to complete the work in their mind. It was similar to the idea of empty and full in traditional Chinese painting… Continue reading Damien Meade​’s Show in Peter von Kant Gallery