A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf

This is an essay talking about women and fiction based on Virginia Woolf's lecture in 1928. It shows me a deep insight of the struggles and invisible cages that professional women were facing through the history. I am glad that I am in a generation which awareness on sexual equality is raised, and though the… Continue reading A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf

A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls is a play based on the novel by Patrick Ness. It talks about how a 13 years old boy Conor went through from avoiding the truth his mum is dying from cancer to finally have the courage to let her go. Through out the story, there is an ancient walking yew tree… Continue reading A Monster Calls

Reading Dung Kai-cheung: Invention and Authenticity

It is hard to find a traditional Chinese book to read in London. I complained to my mum and she mailed me a book from my bookshelf in Hong Kong. It was written by Hong Kong writer Dung Kai-cheung, including articles from 1997 to 2010 that shared his views on literature and experience on writing.… Continue reading Reading Dung Kai-cheung: Invention and Authenticity

[Reading Group] A Lively Death

‘A Lively Death’: Contemporary Artistic Conversations with the Still Life Tradition by Isabel Seligman This article mentioned a vegetable-hybrid painting by Glenn Brown, this raised my interest as vegetable-hybrid is the subject matter of my work. In the earlier part of the article, it talks about how still life evolved from the landscape painting. The… Continue reading [Reading Group] A Lively Death

[Reading Group] The Greenhouse Effect, Ralph Rugoff

What I learnt from this essay is the fiction narrate and invention of nature. It talks about "nature" is a cultural invention, it confused us between nature and artifice. This strengthen my knowledge with the stand of Susan Stewart's invention of narrative and Mark Dion's invention of nature. The most interesting part is that in the… Continue reading [Reading Group] The Greenhouse Effect, Ralph Rugoff