Small Studying Pieces

I want to bring the drawing quality of my sketch to my painting. I decided to work on small pieces so that i can treat them as sketches, less formal but more free and experimental. I primed the wood panel with pumice gel medium using palette knife. The pumice gel is semi-transparent and warm pale grey. The uneven primed surface give different shades of grey and a rough effect, i found this is quite match to my nature subject and strengthen the sense of sketch. The pumice gel gives a texture of paper and I used ink pen to outline the objects like i did on my sketch. I found it is interesting that, after a while, the ink is absorbed by the pumice surface, and they are like going under a layer from the surface.

I used liquid acrylic on top of the ink lines. I tried acrylic paint before and found that the high cover ability of acrylic will make the surface no different from painting on canvas. Also i wanted to keep the ink line not just for drafting but also as part of the painting. I started with very thin acrylic colour, when it dried it looks like being absorbed into the layer like the line i did in ink pen. Later on i overlay some thick acrylic on it and these parts are like they are on top of the layer. This is what I found interesting relationship between the pumice layer and the viscosity of acrylic. I quite like the transparent layers and liquid effect of the acrylic paint.

In the study piece ‘Metamorphosis’, the paint on the red organ area was a result of an accident. I put some red and yellow ochre liquid paint on it and want to pour the gel medium on top of it to let them merge instead of mixing it on the palette. I accidentally pour excess medium and it formed a glossy resin surface later. This makes me think about the different texture of paint and how they created depth and how they coexist on the same dimension.

I also tested the pumice gel on the small canvas and it works the same as it is on the wood, and its high flexibility should be safe from cracking on canvas.

After making the small study pieces on wood panel and small canvas, i am now ready to bring it on the big canvas.

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