Study of Graham Sutherland

Graham Sutherland's work on nature is my main reference and inspiration of my paintings. In David Mellor's "The Damned", he described Sutherland's work, "...while roots and branches suggest tangled arms and legs. At times his views open up and close like a human body." In "Sutherland's Metamorphosis", Alexandra Harris said '..Sutherland deals in anthropomorphism, making… Continue reading Study of Graham Sutherland

Paul Nash

Below are excerpt I found from books related to Paul Nash. Paul Nash is one of the important artists that inspired me with the idea of plant-hybrid and personage. His idea of the genius of loci, the spirit of place and his believe of the natural word was alive, leads me to the research of animism… Continue reading Paul Nash

Emma Cousin These tragicomic residues of human activity endows the image/object with an energetic and slightly sinister personality of its own. I work thinking of the paint physically as the subject: The object becomes an eloquent and flexible vehicle. The economy and purity harness a plastic expression and lace the emotional centre in the picture itself,… Continue reading Emma Cousin