Remaking of Lava Tree

Lava Tree

I am going to remake the Lava Tree (previous post) on a big canvas. I didn’t prime the canvas with pumice gel this time and tends to create effect with acrylic. I tested the acrylic effect on small canvas (left) and hope to do the same on the big one. I faced two main problem in doing this. The dot effect were created by spilling alcohol on very wet acrylic. However, the area I need to work on is big and absorbent. Also the holes on big canvas remain the same size while on small canvas, which lost its intense effect on the big canvas.

As long as I paint with acrylic, I realise it becomes thicker and solid as the work I did before.

I think the wood part is quite good but the middle entry part’s pink colour become more illustration. I think the tree look like something with the limb spread out, and the tree hole is some entry to unknown places. I try to work on the pink area to make it more fluidly in terms of paint.

Maybe I should have stopped at the first picture (left up), but I didn’t like the colour. I am a bit regret now actually. In the end the tree looks like muscle or unknown organic flesh that makes people relate to organs of human, which stick to my theme of metamorphosis.

I tried to recreate this again on a new canvas primed with pumice gel medium, as a complete series of my new pieces. When I looked at the draft I did on the new canvas, it just didn’t feel right. It could be because of the size of the canvas (smaller and different ratio). But I think the most important reason is that i can never recreate a same piece. There will always be differences between them, and even different approach through the process.

So I go back to the old one and put the pumice gel medium on top of the tree trunk and the background. The pumice gel is semi-transparency and has a slight yellow tone. I want to push the dark colour of tree trunk back by soften it and let the red part stand out.


The tree was about the dark matters coming out from the tree hole. But as the process go on, I started to see it as vague body parts of human or animals, or something sexual and painful, maybe something like period or labor pain.

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