British Museum Study Room and the Grant Museum of Zoology

We visited the British Museum Prints and Drawings study room. It was an excited experience to see the real drawing and sketch of the old masters. It was ashamed we only have around an hour to do sketching. After lunch I went to the Grant Museum of Zoology. It was a small museum with many… Continue reading British Museum Study Room and the Grant Museum of Zoology

Oxford School Trip

During the trip, we visited different museum including Museum of Science History, Museum of Natural History and Pitt Rivers Museum. All these museums exhibit a lot of objects and specimen. This makes me feel more interested in exploring the relationship between an object, collection and museum. The most interesting museum is Pitt Rivers Museum, it collected… Continue reading Oxford School Trip

[Lecture] Anna Bunting-Branch,”See Through Paint”

Anna showed me the possibility of bringing  painting and moving image together. She said she explored painting objects as props through making different parts for the movement of the object image. She thought animation is an alternative reality in digital world. Her works involved many science fiction references and fan-art. I think this could be… Continue reading [Lecture] Anna Bunting-Branch,”See Through Paint”

​[Painting Research] Kicking the Dog Will Do

The talk is about paintings, suburbia, boredom and punk music.​ Prof David Rayson talks about how suburbia inspired him the idea of world of inside and out; People in the house doing things they won't when they are outside on the street, and the two worlds are just separated by a wall. This reminds me… Continue reading ​[Painting Research] Kicking the Dog Will Do

​Visiting Mark Fairnington’s Studio

I love to visit artist’s studio to see their working environment, how they modify the studio for their personal need to create their works. However, the most important thing in this visit is that I have the chance to see Fairnington’s works. I love how he enlarges the object in the giant painting with details… Continue reading ​Visiting Mark Fairnington’s Studio