Attempting on Oil Paint

In the tutorial with Simon Callery, He pointed out the my paintings is more like images. What he meant was the objects in my work always come with sharp and clean edge, they are like images putting on there but not as part of the painting. He said I should try on wet paint like oil or watercolour instead of acrylic since it allows more things to take place for its slow dry property. I am not sure if it’s my skill or the quick dry property of acrylic to be responsible for this, so i started an oil painting and an acrylic painting with slow-drying solvent to see if I can achieve similar effect.

Oil Paint on Canvas

It’s hard for me to start with oil paint since I only worked with acrylic before. The slow drying gives an advantage in merging objects together with a soft edge. Colour blending is so much easier and some accidental marks make the texture richer. However I feel like the colour I apply on the painting is somehow unpredictable. It will always change a bit as the base layer or area nearby is still wet. I feel a little frustrated about that. While using oil paint I experienced how it is like to ‘have more things to take place’ so that it won’t be just a solid colour or image. I try to achieve it using acrylic with drying retarder and paint the base as quick as I can before it drys.

Acrylic with Drying Retarder

It is not as smooth as oil paint but I think ‘the image case’ situation is improving. But as later on I’m influenced by Japanese anime about expressing a striking moment. I put solid lines on the painting to test on something new. I wrote another essay to talk about this piece. (click here for more)

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