Ink on Canvas

I usually paint on the canvas directly without doing any outline. Acrylic’s quick drying property and high coverage makes it easy to cover and change unwanted paint. But it is also this property making my image so solid that it lost its unpredictable fun. So now I am back to outline with ink pen, and keep these lines as part of the painting.

I used an acrylic pen to outline on the canvas and painted with acrylic. However the coverage property of acrylic erase the traces of the lines. I then drew the black lines back on the painting. I don’t feel comfortable of drawing on canvas with any ink pen or acrylic pen. The dots on the texture of canvas feels creepy when the lines is created on it. I can’t explain but I really don’t like it. I like the pen’s touch when it is on paper, it feels more delicate and smooth. In this case, I should work on a different surface.

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