Gender Construct and Creation Myth (with video)

I am currently working on a public program with Para Site. It is one of the video highlight tours of the current exhibition Garden of Six Seasons. Below is my original script writing and the video(updated 29/8), talking about Citra Sasmita's Work 'The Habor of Restless Spirits' in terms of mythology, narratives of history and… Continue reading Gender Construct and Creation Myth (with video)

Reading Dung Kai-cheung: Invention and Authenticity

It is hard to find a traditional Chinese book to read in London. I complained to my mum and she mailed me a book from my bookshelf in Hong Kong. It was written by Hong Kong writer Dung Kai-cheung, including articles from 1997 to 2010 that shared his views on literature and experience on writing.… Continue reading Reading Dung Kai-cheung: Invention and Authenticity