Cabinet of Curiosities, Mark Dion and the University as Installation Colleen J. Sheehy, editor

A Walrus Head in the Art Museum Mark Dion Digs into the University of Minnesota Colleen J. Sheehy P.3 Nine cabinets lined the opposite gallery wall, recreating the style of Renaissance cabinets of curiosities with their density of display and the integration of biological specimens with minerals, fossils, sculpture, paintings, decorative objects, books, musical instruments,… Continue reading Cabinet of Curiosities, Mark Dion and the University as Installation Colleen J. Sheehy, editor

Articles related to Sigmund Freud

Caption in Freud Museum London (Study Room) He recreated his unique working environment, originally in the study and consulting room of his home in Vienna. These rooms are still as they were when Freud lived and worked here. To Freud, archaeology and psychoanalysis were closely connected. His friend Lou-Andreas Salome wrote that: “One sensed how… Continue reading Articles related to Sigmund Freud

Fantastic Metamorphoses, Other Worlds, Marina Warner

Introduction P.2 The blurring here between art and nature, as in the imagery of wax moulding, in order to convey the migrating forms of life… metamorphosis is the principle of organic vitality as well as the pulse in the body of art. This concept lies at the heart of classical and other myths, and governs… Continue reading Fantastic Metamorphoses, Other Worlds, Marina Warner

Animism, Graham Harvey

P.xi Animists are people who recognise that the world is full of persons, only some of whom are human, and that life is always lived in relationship with others. Older usage: refers to an putative concern with knowing what is alive and what makes a being alive. It alleges a ‘belief in spirits’ or ‘non-empirical… Continue reading Animism, Graham Harvey

Obscure Objects of Desire, Johanna Malt

Chapter 3 The Surrealist Object in Theory P.80 It draws on fear of castration and feeds on the impossible primal fantasy of union with the object. Thus Foster suggests that ‘this search for the lost object, which is the surrealist quest par excellence, is as impossible as it is compulsive: not only is each new… Continue reading Obscure Objects of Desire, Johanna Malt

British Museum Study Room and the Grant Museum of Zoology

We visited the British Museum Prints and Drawings study room. It was an excited experience to see the real drawing and sketch of the old masters. It was ashamed we only have around an hour to do sketching. After lunch I went to the Grant Museum of Zoology. It was a small museum with many… Continue reading British Museum Study Room and the Grant Museum of Zoology

Oxford School Trip

During the trip, we visited different museum including Museum of Science History, Museum of Natural History and Pitt Rivers Museum. All these museums exhibit a lot of objects and specimen. This makes me feel more interested in exploring the relationship between an object, collection and museum. The most interesting museum is Pitt Rivers Museum, it collected… Continue reading Oxford School Trip

A Foray into the worlds of Animals and Humans, Jakob von Uexkull,

A Foray into the worlds of Animals and Humans Jakob von Uexkull 「我們要研究的生物的生態圈,僅僅只是我們看到圍繞在動物周圍的環境的一小塊,我們所看到的那些東西,只是我們自己生態圈,即人的生態圈。生態圈的研究,首要任務在於尋找動物能感知到的符號,他們通過這些符號,來構築動物的生態圈。」(註11, P. 53)尤克斯考爾的意思是說,無論是人類還是其他動物,都用自己的行為和活動來與周圍的世界發生關係,所有的動物類型都能感受到環境中的一些符號或去抑因數(das Enthemmende),從治理構築了自己的生態圈。這樣,尤克斯考爾在生態圈與環境(Umgebung)會變得十分有意義,如果我們將環境理解為在我們周圍所有存在著的事物組合而成的總體,儘管這樣的總體存在,但對於具體在其中的生物而言,並不具有意義。生物總是在自己的活動中,將自己在環境中所能接觸到的事物理解為一個去抑因數或符號,在這個意義上,生物所能觸及到的對象便成為了他們意義的載體,尤克斯考爾說:「通過這種方式,所有生物的行為賦予了它們觸及到的無意義的物件以意義,因而在所有的環境中,將這些物件組合成了與主體相關的有意義的載體。」(註釋12, P.145)於是,這些有意義的載體構成了一個封閉的迴圈(closed cycle),而活動中的生物是這個迴圈的中心,我們可以說,這個封閉的迴圈就是該生物的生態圈或周遭環境。由此可見,生態圈和環境的區別正是在於生態圈是與活動著的生物相關,並被生物賦予了意義構成的封閉迴圈,而真正的環境是開放的,敞開的,在那裡沒有迴圈,也沒有任何被生物所賦予的意義。 P.42 Foreword …for everything a subject perceives belongs to its perception world [Merkwelt], and everything it produces, to its effect world [Wirkwelt]. These two worlds, of perception and production of effects, form one closed unit, the environment.… Continue reading A Foray into the worlds of Animals and Humans, Jakob von Uexkull,

Study of Graham Sutherland

Graham Sutherland's work on nature is my main reference and inspiration of my paintings. In David Mellor's "The Damned", he described Sutherland's work, "...while roots and branches suggest tangled arms and legs. At times his views open up and close like a human body." In "Sutherland's Metamorphosis", Alexandra Harris said '..Sutherland deals in anthropomorphism, making… Continue reading Study of Graham Sutherland